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HoD SKINCARE coming soon...
HoD SKINCARE coming soon...

28/12/10 - Hey guys hope you all had a great christmas, and hope you have a fabulous new year =D


I want to be well rested well into the new year, i have me plans to go onto a business course early january too which im excited to learn about and get my HoD SKINCARE kickstarted!


100% Natural Ingredients & Organic Extracts =]


Watch this space!




Hi guys, this website is created by me Daniel Sherriff, im a profesional makeup artist, facialist & beauty consultant who is going to be studying cosmetology and cosmetic and skincare science soon, so i will then be further be able to answer your most in dept questions but i still have gained alot of knowledge and skills and techniques throgh my many years of studying skincare and makeup, aswell as my experience within the industry aswell.


Im here  to answer your questions, give tips, tutorials and reviews, and a overview of my favourite look of the week to inspire you and help you.


I have used many famous big brands and little less known brands in my past, and can give you the right professional tips on most brands on the market.


So send your questions in and i will be happy to help you!