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Here is where you can send me your questions and advice tips and ill post them on here after answering if its helped you at all :)


From Emma Rusell, Southampton

Q. Im a freelance beginner makeup artist and i want to create a kit on top of what i already have which is some L'Oreal, Revlon & abit of MAC but cos of the hard times were in i wonder if you know of any good cheaper brands i can use to get a tonne of great stuff for to start my kit up? 

Thank you for your question Emma, i know alot of up and coming beginners at the moment, and they ask me alot of different brands as i use so many and have tested a tonne in the past. Heres some names i know of and that i use that are great for cheaper under £10 kind of stuff, like SLEEK, E.L.F, Barrym, MUA (Makeup Academy), L.A. COLORS, STARGAZER, BEAUTYUK & COLLECTION 2000, they have ag reat range of differenr styles of products, different colours and promotions always. I love E.L.F becuase its like a lifestyle type of makeup in a way, to me they have the most comprehensive range of makeup ever, tis big, different and the prices are like wow. They have their main line of eyes and lips and face stuff for £1.50, then a pro studio range for £3.50, a mineral range which goes from £3.00 - £5.00 and things like cases ,tools, gift sets, christmas offers and bits, original products, and things like that. Theyre brushes are cool too to start your brushes off, i have all of them except their new mineral ones which are made of Bamboo and are abit more expensive but yes, check them all out and get loads. when your pending on 5 products from MAC for £100 you can get more than 50 for that price at them other brands.




From Samantha Clay, Burton-Upon-trent

Q. How an i help make my makeup last longe,r make it stay on all day for work then no need to apply again for a night out?

A. Haha alot of women ask this question not just to me, but to alot of pros in the business, as their is so much out there that can help people dont know where to look. First there is alot of foundations and concelears that apparently claim to last all day but first go with a primer, any good primer on the market can help make it last longer, such as Nars Makeup Primer with SPF £25, Laura Geller Spackle Makeup Primer £21% Smashbox Photo Finish Primer £23 are all fab at making your face stay still all day.

Also theres a tonne of great foundations that can last long all day, some obviously fade after like 8 - 10 hours but my advice is use a powder foundation or a natural pressed powder for touch ups instead like MAC Studio Fix £21, MAC Blot Powder £17, Bareminerals Matte Foundation £19,Bellapierre Pressed Mineral Powder £23, Jemma Kidd Bio-mineral Perfecting Powder £21, 

& Laura Geller Matte Maker Invisible Blot Powder £15 are all great wonders of touching up. Hope that helped, using good skincare, primer and a great touch up powder or foundation is all you need really and your set.

Send me your questions please and ill get back to you as soon as i can.

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