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The Body Shop is your Hosptial for Skin!
The Body Shop is your Hosptial for Skin!



Here are my sos tips for everything, from your body, hair, makeup and skin!


  • MOISTURE! MOISTURE! MOISTURE! We all need it, we all produce it naturally but as we get older and in the cold months it goes, and goes away, so we all need SOS body moisturiser, i recomend THE BODY SHOP BODY BUTTER (these are richly moisturised, using aromatherapy oils, natural extracts, shea butter is a key by the way when purchasing your body creams as its the world most natural moisturiser help your skin alot, trust me! and they have great scents these butters do they really help moisturise the skin, JOLLY ORANGE, SPICED VANILLA, PAPAYA, ALMOND & SHEA are my favourites, they do wonders for your skin!)
  • GET SHINY HEALTHY HAIR! In the winter our hair can get dry and fall out, and basically look a mess. So invest in a good conditioner, or those 30 minute hair masks, and maybe a serum, i love AUSSIE Coloured Hair Protecion + Shine serum, it does wonders for my redish brown hair, everytime i use it ,EVERYTIME people ask me have you dyed your hair, wow your hair looks like youve just had it done, what are you using etc, they always ask me, becuase i love it, ive had 1 bottle last me over a year now i love it, ONE pump does all your hair, it has jojoba oil in it to give great condition to your hair aswell as give it a healthy shine!
  • HANDS NEED PAMPERING! they really do, my hands were really bad this winter, so dry they were tight, painful and sore, started bleeding at work due to the horrendous weather that drys your skin out, what helped me you say? what could possibly work and make me hole again! THE BODY SHOP SOS ALMOND OIL HAND TREATMENT, its the most amazing product in the world, i love it, over night my hands changed from a pensioner to a teenager, they looked healthy, all the dryness went, they were luscious and brillaitn i use it every night now with or without moisturising gloves and i wont look back!
  • ME FACE!! Facial skin is complety different and more imporant really than anything else on the body as its the one thats always on show, so it need firm moisture! its hard to come up with a great moisturiser for the face, THE BODY SHOP have a great range, as you know now i love them! but always get something natural and organic as its the best for your skin, LIZ EARL Skin Repair Moisturiser is brilliant, or her Superskin Moisturiser is a great award winner, then opt for a illuminating tinted layer on top or a tinted primer!



"As winter is here, rain and cold weather and wind is making your complexion look dull and tired, so to make it look glowing again and more alive, I use Illamasqua Powdered Metal in TAHLIA £22 (available at which is a golden tan colour, great on all skin tones as the glitter and shimmer is very very subtle, its perfect to mix in with foundation as it is loose, or use on top of your regular powder, on the cheeks more fully then dust all over the face and body. For the eyes its great used with a wet brush for that molten metal look which is a huge trend next year. Yo ucan use other products like bronzers and coral toned blushes which are colours, in the yellow and orange family which always purk up a tired skin. Bronzers come in all shapes and sizes and forumaltions and their perfect all year round if used lightly and choose the correct shade for your skin.

Other products to try out are -

Boots Natural Collection Suntint Bronzing Powder in GOLDEN GLOW £1.99 (

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick £29 in BRONZE, BEIGE or NECTAR depending on your skintone (

NARS The Multiple in PORTOFINO (shimmer coral), LAMU (apricot with gold sparkle) or PALM BEACH (rich bronze) £27 (

E.L.F Studio Bronzer in GOLDEN £3.50 (

CHANEL Soleil in TERRE D'OR £22.50 (


My Sisters Bronzed Look
My Sisters Bronzed Look